Tasting Notes: butterscotch, creamy malt, white grape

Producer: Segundo Omar Cuaran

Region: Pitalito

Variety: Colombia and Caturra

Elevation: 1500 MASL

Process: Washed

About: The town of La Hacienda, in south Huila, is situated between two mountain ranges. The topography promotes temperatures and humidity levels which are beneficial to the maturing coffee cherries. The remarkable sweetness produced in this region garnered the attention of our green buying team in early 2016. Segundo Omar Cuaran and his family cultivate their coffee on 6 hectares of land. Five Points partnered with Segundo's farm to bring you the entire 2016 harvest.

Following cherry selection and wet-milling, beans are transported to the Traviesa cold-mill in Manizales, Colombia. This advanced quality control facility is designed for sorting, packing, and storing of specialty coffee. On a recent visit to the mill, our sourcing team witnessed a stunning array of mechanical and optical sorting methods used to process this lot. At every step - from the producer, mill, export, and roaster - our coffee is treated with tremendous care and respect.    Enjoy!