Costa Rica Santa Elena

Tasting Notes: cocoa, butterscotch, pecan, ripe cherry

Producer: Luz Marina Trujillo

Region: Tarrazu

Variety: Caturra

Elevation: 1250-1650 MASL

Process: semi-washed, honey, “miel"

About: The Santa Elena Estate farm is expansive, encompassing 3 hillsides across 700 acres. At their own milling facility (built in 1953), this crop is processed in a unique semi-washed style, allowing the fruity pulp to remain on the bean as its laid out to dry in the sun. Luz Marina Trujillo, owner of the estate, has received accolades for her water conservation practices, whereby mill water is deacidified and returned to the river source. Poro, Eucalyptus, and Cypress trees provide shade for the crops and are also a habitat for many species of bird. After production, the farm directly recycles coffee cherry into fertilizer.