Tasting Notes: cola nut, jasmine, papaya

Producer: Abebayehu

Region: Harar

Variety: Abadiro, Kubaniya

Elevation: 2200-2300 MASL

Process: Sun-dried natural

About: We are proud to introduce this coffee from the highlands of Harar, in Ethiopia's Golocha District. This stunning and complex cup is one of several lots produced by the Tiret Cooperative, which exists to elevate exceptional coffees produced by its members and return the fruits of their trading directly back to the community. Abebayehu's family farm is located in the village of Mine Tucha. This year's harvest is bursting with flavors of sweet papaya and buttery nut, in addition to subtle floral and spice qualities. Five Points is excited to include this coffee on our fall menu, and we look forward to sourcing with the Tiret Cooperative again in the future.