Tasting Notes: grapefruit, pluot, hazelnut, cocoa

Producer: ~300 smallholder farms

Region: Kaffa Zone

Variety: Heirloom, “Native Kaffa Type”

Elevation: 1730 MASL

Process: Washed

About: The Chiri cooperative wet-mill (est. 2010) lies adjacent to the Mankira Forest. Farmers here cultivate coffee on family owned plots and in surrounding forest areas. The location, elevation, and native varietals of the forest create a truly unique flavor profile, distinct from anything else in the region. In 2010, farmers began a collaboration with local NGO TechnoServe Ethiopia, to refine business practices and increase quality of production. This relationship has raised the standard of living in the area, and produced stunning results in cup quality. The Chiri mill receives clean water from a diverted river, and processing creates no contamination or pollution, as the pulp is decomposed and reused as a natural fertilizer. There is no use of agrochemicals, insecticide, or pesticides, and the coffee is fully organic.